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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


When I started the 365 project I thought "what a great way to document daily life". Well I am not sure you get any more "life" than this one. If you couldn't guess we have been potty training. Also note the new shoes. Since before Christmas I have been in denial of Brett needing new shoes. I have been stuffing his feet into his old ones and pretending I didn't notice that they didn't fit anymore, like any good mom does. He hardly ever wears shoes these days with all the snow anyway. Finally, this weekend I realized this has gone on long enough, and ordered him a new pair. Yes ordered them, I have this thing about shoes with characters on them. I hate them, and I know if I take him into the store he will want some, and I will cave, and buy them for him. Last time we went shoe shopping we almost came home with sparkly ballet slippers like his friend Lilly. They were pretty cute. Too bad I didn't have my camera THAT day!

Anyway, the new shoes. They came in the mail today. He was as excited as he was Christmas morning. He refuses to take off the tag. He has asked if he can sleep in them tonight. I may have said yes. Partially because I feel so guilty for not getting him new ones sooner...and partially because he looks so stinkin' cute in them.


  1. Cute! Love the shoes and his excitement over them! I'm not a fan of the characters either and have been thankful the only time my son asked for some they didn't have his size. :)

  2. Cute! My boys have the same shoes....perfect for boys. We share the same feelings about character shoes :)

  3. I hate chacter shoes too, so we've kept Max in Keens for the summer and Converse for the winter... it's worked so far! LOL
    Love the cropped angle on this!

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