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Monday, January 3, 2011


Thank you to all my followers! It was very encouraging to log on and find that I had 19 people counting on me to post everyday. Thank you for the extra incentive. Here are some bathtime shots I took yesterday. I think in order for me to be able to do this I am going to have to be a day behind in my posts. Meaning take the picture one day and post the next. Otherwise, I just don't know if I can keep up. I hope that is not considered "cheating"...

Anyway here are some bathtub shots. I was playing around with my speedlite and bouncing it off the ceiling and the wall. I love his expression in the middle shot. I need to learn how to do a better picture collage for the web. Bathtub picture time was successful because he could not run away... I would highly recommend to anyone with a lively toddler! Enjoy!


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  1. Too funny! I took bathtime shots myself today (Jan.3) and bounced my speedlight as well. I love taking bath shots... the kids are always contained and in a good mood! Love his expression and the processing is fun! Off to check out the hens!